How do you talk to God?  Some people make it seem so difficult with rules, regulations and suggestions. Fold your hands, say it this way, get in position, don’t forget to do this and say that, and on and on. Have you been there?  Sometimes I just want to talk to God like I would the loving parent I know Him to be. Having a conversation just like you would a loving parent. Sometimes I find it helps me relate to all that God is by taking the time to just “write home” as a child would be to their parent. Maybe it will help you too. Here’s one of my letters to my Father, my brother the Son, and my Comforter the Holy Spirit.

Hey Dad,

I just wanted to say thank you for loving me. You’re the best father ever! I hear people I know talking about their parents and stuff but they don’t have it like me and my brothers and sisters do. I keep trying to tell them they’re adopted like us and you’re their dad too but they don’t want to listen. What’s a girl to do but to keep trying. OH, thanks for all of the care packages!! You’re so amazing.  You know just what I need when I need it. Everything is always delivered on time. I don’t know how you do it but you never cease to amaze me.

Jesus you there?  You are amazing. Perfect in every way. You’re the best big brother a girl could ask for.  There is none like you. You should see how everyone starts acting right when they think you’re watching.  I mean, you’re always watching but they forget. I do too... I wish I could be just like you. But I’m ok being me. I try and do things just the way you would.  I’m so far from getting it right. But I’m going to keep trying anyways. I just want to make you and daddy happy.

Holy Spirit?  Where are you?  Oh there you are! Thank you for living with me.  For putting up with my boundary issues. I know I keep saying all of you and none of me and I really do mean it. I keep slipping… putting me first, I’m working on it though. Just keep moving me in the right direction. I’d be lost without you so please don’t go.

Well, I love you guys so much. Thank you all for being so patient with me.  So kind and gentle. I’m not sure how long it will be before I come home. I’m working dad’s plan for me. It feels so good to know that when it’s time, I have a loving home to come to. Please tell everyone I said hello. I know not everyone makes it but I’m spreading the Gospel of salvation and of the kingdom so as many people know about you as possible!!! I guess I just want to make you proud and hear you say “Job well done”.


Your Child through Christ