This life will not be free of stress, worry, pain or loss (sorry).  However, Christ tells us that his grace is sufficient and perfected in our weakness (II Corinthians 12:9).  So I like Paul, will boast of my weaknesses because it is only through Christ that I breathe. It is through Him that I live, move and have my being (Acts 17:28). Only my omnipresent, omniscient Father knows where I would be without Him.  However, I believe I would most certainly be dead.

Living for God does not mean to be perfect. We are human. We will sin. Period. However, we are to fight continually for our salvation.  We are to continually pursue and chase after Him. We are to keep getting up every time we fall.  We are not to give up.  We are to move forward putting the Kingdom first regardless of our situations. Which, to be honest, isn’t always easy right?

So how do we keep from getting caught up in our situations? Well can avoid many of life’s difficulties by following Christ. Life however still happens, so what can we do?  I’ve learned it’s all about perspective.  How we choose to see things directly affects how we react to them. Changing our perspective can greatly decrease emotional stress, worry, pain and our reaction to loss.

How can you go about changing your perspective? 

  • Be intentional in your thoughts about a situation.
  • Remember we have unknown biases instilled in us from birth. 
  • We have our cultures and society telling us what to believe and why to believe it.
  • We have our own experiences and buried issues that can taint our perspective.·
  • Think critically about options and decisions and most importantly, take your personal feelings out of the equation. 

As you work on changing your perspective, ask God to guide you in this process. Some of my prayers have included requests to open my eyes to see things with a kingdom focus and to soften my heart so that I am better able to love others the way Christ loves me.