One of my mottos in life is: “A prepared person is a happy person.” I’m always my best self when I am organized and properly prepared for whatever I might face in life. We may often face life crises or, the “storms of life”, and if we are not properly prepared for the storm we can become overwhelmed and even overtaken by it. Are you prepared for the storm? A storm is coming!

You might be asking, what is a storm of life and how can I be prepared? A storm of life can be any seemingly, never-ending battle with one life crisis after another. Perhaps you are in the midst of a terrible a storm now, or you might be entering a storm, or even coming out of a storm, and all hope has seemed to vanish. I would like to encourage you not to worry but, to place your hope in Jesus Christ, the Hope of Glory. In Matthew 7:24-27, Jesus gave us a fail proof plan on how to be properly prepared for the storms of life. In this parable Jesus makes it crystal clear that no one, absolutely no one need be overtaken by the storms of life. Are you prepared for the storm? A storm is coming!

According to Matthew, Jesus tells a parable contrasting and comparing a wise man and a foolish man. Notice both men have built their own houses, but the wise man build’s a house that withstands the storm while, the foolish man build’s a house that comes crashing down during the storm. Again, I ask, are you prepared for the storm? A storm is coming!

This story is not just for the architects, carpenters and contractors. This story is for you and me. Jesus warns us that a storm is coming. He never says "if" the rain comes, or the floods "might" come, or "maybe" the winds will beat on the house. No, Jesus keeps it 100 with us. He lets us know in no uncertain terms that a storm is coming. The problem is we don’t know when it’s coming, where it's coming from, or what form it's coming in but, we can be absolutely, certain that a storm is heading our way. Our job is to be prepared. Are you prepared for the storm?


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Minister Sylvia is a teacher and leader at Impacting Love Global Ministries, Inc.  She uses her life as an open testimony to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.